Feature Freaks Email Platform!

Are our overview pages for each module under 'Tools' with the most important features not enough?

No worries!

We understand. When we shop around for software, we're a bit of a Feature Freak ourselves. Show me everything your software does in a nice overview already. I don't want to watch yet another long marketing video!

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Email Features
In-app notifications 
Single Broadcast Email 
Status Tracking for Email Campaigns 
A/B Split Testing 
Schedule Email Campaign 
Limit Sending Time 
Make sure your emails only go out during a certain time interval
Auto Resend to non-openers 
Email Campaign Reports 
Receive reports in your inbox about a campaign for 7 days
Test Email Preview 
Duplicate Previous Email Campaign 
Spam Testing for Email Campaigns 
Sent emails to many ESPs and this system checks where the emails will land (like GlockApps built-in!)
Limit sending to a random number of subscribers 
Experimenting with a new offer or engagement on something? This feature can help.
Freeze custom field 
Filter by segment 
Batch sending 
Choose how many emails to deliver per in a certain time frame. This is super powerful to improve Gmail delivery!
Built-in List Cleaning  
This feature is paid.
Custom Saved Templates 
WYSIWYG Email Editor 
Real-time Email Template Builder with HTML and CSS 
Custom Template Importer 
Import Email Template from Web 
Drag and Drop email builder 
File Manager 
Free Image Library 
Detailed Email Campaign Stats 
Detailed Email Opens and Click Rate Stats 
Detailed Email Deliverability Stats 
Detailed Email Bounce Stats 
Whitelabel tracking links 
Whitelabel image CDN links 
Real-Time Visitor Tracking 
Page Visit Triggers 
Reply tracking 
Location breakdown 
Events tracking based on action/behavior 
Form Builder Features
Custom Form and Landing Page Templates 
Drag and drop form builder 
Double opt-in Signup forms and Landing page 
Duplicate email detection 
Track signups with detailed form analytics 
Custom Contact Profile Pages 
Optin Form Recaptcha v2 protection 
Automation Features
Automation Templates - select & get started instantly 
Automation start triggers 
Lead Scoring logic in your Automations 
Automation Delay settings 
Automation Based on User Action 
Goal Tracking 
Split Contacts based on behavior or action 
Automation Conditional Wait 
Make a Automation wait until a certain conditions happens before it continues.
Automation Step Redirect 
Redirect to another step in your Automation (like a 'Goto')
Automation Webhook 
Zapier integration 
Pabbly integration 
API key management 
Mailvio API documentation 
Contact Management
Import list 
Custom fields 
Groups (a.k.a. 'lists') 
Export groups 
Organization / Company management 
Assign contacts to an organization/company
Company Settings
Add team users 
Brand Analyzer 
Company Profile