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This is a platform for professionals, and we have a top-notch (AI-powered) system that checks every email you send to prevent and stop spam.

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By Affiliate Marketers, For Affiliate Marketers

$252,000 USD Extra Through Mailvio Per Year!

ContentGorilla AI executes bi-monthly email promotions employing webinars averaging over $21,000 in extra monthly sales. Both Content Gorilla and their affiliate partners are super happy with the increased email open and click rates, which directly translate to added revenue


Small-list Affiliate out earning affiliates with many times his list size!

KVSocial with it's relatively small +/- 10K email list uses Mailvio campaigns, RFM segmentation and Automations to *earn $173,304 USD* a year from affiliate promotions alone all via Mailvio. Remarkably, these automations operate entirely autonomously!

Meet our CEO

Neil Napier

Product creator by day, Super Affiliate by Night ;)

At Mailvio, we don't only talk the talk; we walk the walk and use our own dog food. Neil and his business partner Steven run a HoldCo with one Affiliate Marketing company and various SaaS companies and are Mailvio's biggest users. 

Neil started in 2012 with Info products and affiliate marketing to avoid getting kicked out of the UK for his then unrealistic income requirements for his visa. 

He failed to meet them, but he vowed never to let his income dictate his liberties or where he could or could not live. 

Over the years of experimenting, learning, and plenty of failures along the way, he grew into a super-affiliate with now over $12,341,051 USD in revenue generated and built SaaS companies like Mailvio to scratch his own itches and that of thousands of others.

Join over 3437 other affiliate marketers and product creators who have already called Mailvio home for their profitable email marketing needs.

What makes Mailvio Unique and the Best Choice for you?

Pick your warmed-up domain from a pool of instantly available domains or use your own!

Yup, you read that right! We offer you the opportunity to pick a warmed-up domain completely configured with custom MX, SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records from a pool of ready-to-rock domains.

You can save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to get your domain warmed up, precious time, and the headache of the DNS tech setup.

Just focus on your business, send out fantastic emails your subscribers love, and earn money!

Put our AI Agents to work - generate high-quality email sequences ready to go

You probably know that any (free) AI tool can write you a decent email with a good prompt—that is NOT what AutomationAI is about. Our email editor tool also has a GPT4 connection built in and is free to use to help write your campaign emails, but what AutomationAI has to offer is a whole other level.

AutomationAI accomplishes something much more difficult. Using AI Agents and our custom Retrieval Augmented Generation system (which means it uses our private data to learn), AutomationAI writes high-quality humanized email sequences with coherent overarching storylines while making sure every email in the sequence is written to achieve the main goal of the sequence.

It does all that in your tone of voice if you load some of your own emails as good examples.

Real Email Heroes Segment the Heck out of their list for real profits!

RFM analysis is a power-tool before only available to the super expensive tools used by big Enterprises. Granted, writing the RFM algorithm to make sense for all our users relative to your own customer dataset was not easy, but we did it!

Just connect Mailvio with your payment provider platforms, and we will do all the hard work automatically. We will:

 - Auto-create your RFM segments

 - Auto-create groups with your buyers per product

 - Continuously calculate and move customers to the correct RFM segment

 - Add total amount spent as a custom label per customer

 - Add total amount refunded as a custom label per customer

And as a very tasty cherry on top, we will also provide you some very powerful customer data and product data Business Intelligence insights such as:

 - total customer value per group, or per segment

 - total value trends over time

 - Average customer lifetime value over time

 - Most popular product categories bought by your customers from you and from data from all Mailvio users to compare and discover untapped product categories for your customers

 - Your most valuable products

 - Product with highest average LTV 

 - Product total value trend data over time

Never before seen Sender Score Transparency

One of the major values in all our companies is transparency and honesty; we translate that to our products. As far as we know, none of our competitors share their internal sender score with you.

Look, every single email platform scores your account and pools you with other accounts with similar scores on their sender IPs. That means if you unknowingly have a bad score, the pool of IPs you will be assigned to will be bad, and your email marketing will massively underperform.

You can avoid this by buying a private IP (also possible with us), but if your volume is less than 50K emails per month (the absolute minimum and recommended is > 100K), getting your own private IP will more likely hurt your deliverability than help it.

The Mailvio way of doing this is that we share your score per domain on your dashboard and even give you a Chart that shows your score over time. This way, you know where you are, and you can always ask our top-notch support to help you improve it. Our system also detects if you fall under certain thresholds and sends you a warning email with instructions on what to do about it!

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