Neil Napier and Steven van der Peijl here, and we personally want to thank you for considering a partnership with Mailvio.

We have over a decade of experience working with the digital marketing community on both sides as product creators and as power affiliates. 

We understand the unique challenges and unlike so many other email platforms, we value this community and want to support their efforts to succeed.

In 2019, we launched Mailvio to help our closest customers with their email marketing needs. Our team created this by leveraging our extensive experience to create a robust and scalable platform designed to meet evolving email marketing needs.

Our uniqueness lies in transparency, particularly regarding our users’ sender reputation scores - a critical factor that our competition never shares with it’s users. What you don’t measure, you can’t improve.  

Mailvio's system is purpose-built to provide clear insights about your sender score status and guide you in improving your sender reputation.

This approach has dramatically improved our clients' email marketing performance, evidenced by enhanced inboxing, open, and click-through rates. And now, we're ready to take this further.

In 2023, we introduced our RFM Tool enhancing segmentation based on customer behavior. And we also introduced AutomationAI to have AI write high-quality coherent email sequences with over-arching storylines and all emails focus on one main goal. 

Writing one email using AI is simple, and you don’t need a special tool for that, however, writing high-quality email sequences is a whole other issue, which we have figured out for you. 

2024 marks a new chapter with AI integration, making advanced email marketing accessible to all. Our goal is to democratize these powerful tools, bringing them from a few experts to every marketer's hands and use our vast data set and your own emails to elevate our AI to the next level in terms of quality of the output and also the match with your own tone of voice. Basically creating a clone of you in terms of email writing (without the typo’s ;) ).

Mailvio Suite is an email marketing platform designed for internet marketers, offering tools for creating, sending, and analyzing email campaigns.


Powerful workflows and actions allow you to automate all or part of your email marketing. Intuitive and easy.

Broadcast Emails

Quickly and easily send your broadcast message with our intuitive desktop.

Detailed Analytics

Stay on top of how your email marketing is performing with our detailed analytics.

Deep Segmentation

Segment your audience based on their actions and buying behavior.

(AI) Email Creation

Use your own HTML code, our powerful drag and drop editor or choose one of our amazing free templates. And if you're looking for inspiration of what to write, let our AI email helper take care of that for you!

Transactional Emails

Your emails can make the sale for you with transactional email.

A/B Split Testing

Easily set up tests to see which messages are performing better, then drill down to the gold.

Drag & drop editor

Build your email campaign without the need to write complex code.

Here’s Everything Mailvio Gives You:

AI Email Sequences

With AutomationAI you fill in a few blanks and create amazing email sequences with 2 to 30 emails.

Mass Broadcast

Do you run an agency? Manage multiple Mailvio clients at once.

RFM Segmentation

Our RFM Tool lets you segment your buyers based on buying behaviour. Build extremely powerful automation!

Mailvio Academy

New to email marketing? Looking to up your skills? We've got you covered - 100% free access to our Academy to learn all about email marketing & Mailvio itself of course.



Mailvio Suite has been created by marketers, for marketers. To make a marketer’s life easier, more efficient, and more profitable.

Internet Marketers and Entrepreneurs:

Who require robust email marketing strategies and tools to reach and engage their audience effectively.

Influencers and Creators:

Looking to monetize their audience and enhance their communication through targeted and personalized email campaigns.

E-commerce Businesses:

Seeking to improve sales and customer retention through targeted promotional and transactional emails.

Digital Agencies:

Managing multiple email marketing campaigns for different clients, needing efficient workflows and segmentation.

Businesses Focusing on Online Sales and Marketing

Who need to optimize their email marketing for better ROI and customer engagement.

Affiliate Marketers:

Utilizing targeted email campaigns to promote products and optimize affiliate revenue through strategic segmentation and analytics.

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I've used all the big platforms, MailChimp, GetResponse, SendGrid, and AWeber. I don't know much about the deliverability yet because I haven't sent any messages but the ease of creation for automations blows the others out of the water. This is fast, sleek, and cheaper than the big platforms!

So far it's looking like the best autoresponder I've ever used!

The interface is easy to understand and its functions are great! I’ll recommend Mailvio to anyone who wants to automate their email marketing.

Jesse Gardner

Joseph's Gold Standard

Oluwaseun Ogundele




Please carefully read the rules before joining this program. You agree that you are NOT allowed to use the following promotional methods if approved for this affiliate program. Doing so may result in you being terminated from the affiliate program and forfeiting any outstanding commissions.

1. Don't send Spam or using safe lists of any kind

2. Cash rebates, cash backs, gift cards or physical product incentives etc to people who buy through your affiliate link are not permitted.

3. Using negative words such as 'scam' in any promotional campaign is NOT allowed.

4. Don't misrepresent our product/offer

5. Affiliates cannot create social media pages with product name or brand name. Anyone found using "brand name", "website name" or "product images" on their Facebook Fan-page or other social platforms to promote the product without permission will be banned immediately.

6. You cannot earn commissions on your own purchase.

7. Vendor reserves the right to terminate any affiliate if found to be breaking any rules and using black-hat marketing practices to drive sales or for any other reason.

Always adhere to these FTC guidelines when promoting our products and services.


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RFM Tool

Segment & Mail Your Leads Based On Their Purchase Habits! 


Create Effortless Email Sequences With AutomationAI