Watch our walk-through video to see how anybody can create engaging & sales-generating email sequences in less than 15 minutes, saving time & expensive email copywriter fees.

Create Effortless Email Sequences With AutomationAI

Influencer Campaign Launch

You can use AutomationAI to create a sequence of engaging emails leading up to the launch of your new product or collaboration, ensuring followers are informed, excited, and primed to purchase.

Post-Live Engagement

After hosting a webinar or livestream, you can use AutomationAI to maintain engagement levels by sending a series of follow-up emails to attendees, sharing extra insights, and directing them to other valuable resources

Affiliate Product Promotion

You can utilize AutomationAI to design a strategic email sequence aimed at promoting affiliate products, seamlessly guiding subscribers through the benefits and leading to a call-to-action.

Build Know, Like & Trust

One of the most important thing you can do with your leads is to build know, like and trust. Sure - they have seen your content, but do they really know you? Use your story, add AutomationAI into the mix and create email sequences that builds long term trust with your audience.

Tailored Content Delivery

Based on feedback or survey results, you can use AutomationAI to design tailored email sequences delivering specific content or resources to segmented groups within your audience. You can even combine the power of AutomationAI with that of our RFM Tool, enhancing personalization and relevance. 

And many more! Only limited by your creativity

What Features Does AutomationAI Offer To You:

Write an email sequence where every email is focused on reaching one goal.

This feature ensures that every email in your sequence packs a punch, aligning perfectly with your overall objective. No more wandering off-topic or diluting your core message. With this razor-sharp focus, you will achieve your goals faster than ever.

Let the AI decide on the number of emails or set it yourself.

Achieve the perfect balance between persistence and not overwhelming your audience. Trust the AI's expertise to decide the ideal sequence length, or take control if you have a specific strategy in mind. Flexibility meets intelligence.

Let the AI determine the Automation wait time between emails. 

Bid farewell to guesswork. The AI gauges the optimal wait time to keep your subscribers engaged, not annoyed. Harness the power of timely communication, striking when the iron's hot.

Directly save the Automation to Mailvio with full flexibility.

Seamlessly integrate with Mailvio's email Marketing app, allows you a fluid workflow. This feature offers both convenience and customization, allowing you to fine-tune your campaigns to the finest detail.

Download the email sequence as txt files to your computer.

Keep backups, share with your team, or simply have a hard copy on your device. The choice is yours! It's all about giving you full control and easy access to your masterfully crafted email sequences.

Answer only 3 questions to get your entire email sequence written.

Time is of the essence, and this feature respects that. Within minutes and with just a few simple prompts, have a captivating email sequence ready. It's efficiency and brilliance combined.

Don't like an email in your new sequence? Easily get it rewritten with optional specific instructions.

You will never be stuck with content that doesn't resonate. Refine, redefine, and revamp any email effortlessly, ensuring that every message aligns with your vision and voice.

Select up to 2 previous crafted emails for the AI to learn your unique tone-of-voice 

Be no-one else but you! Teach the AI your writing styles by easily selecting 2 previously sent email campaigns to include that magic that makes you, YOU!

How Can AutomationAI Help You In Your Business As An Influencer?

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