Simplified Client Management With Mass Broadcaster

Watch our Walk-through video to see how you can manage all your clients’ campaigns from a centralized dashboard inside Mailvio. 

How can Mass Broadcaster help you in your business as an Influencer?

Many influencers collaborate with multiple brands and have separate email lists for each collaboration or project. With the ability to control multiple accounts, you can manage all the brand partnerships and collaborations from a single platform, making communication seamless.

Centralized Communication:

If you collaborate with brands or other influencers, you can get permission to send promotional emails on their behalf using the account approval feature. This is particularly useful for cross-promotions or affiliate marketing campaigns.

Branding and Promotion:

You can ensure consistent messaging across different segments of the audience by sending out the same campaign from multiple accounts simultaneously.

Consistent Messaging:

Being relevant and timely is crucial in the world of influencer marketing. The feature to schedule campaigns in advance means influencers can set up email campaigns to coincide with product launches, live events, or any content release, ensuring their audience receives information right on cue.

Scheduled Engagements:

To grow and adapt, influencers need to know what content resonates best with their audience. By being able to review campaign stats, they can gauge which emails or promotions were most successful, guiding future content and collaboration strategies.

Performance Insights:

And many more! Only limited by your creativity

What Features does Mass Broadcaster offer to you:

Unlock the power of seamless integration by linking client accounts directly to your Mass Broadcaster. This not only saves valuable time toggling between accounts but ensures that you are always in the driver's seat, steering campaigns effectively on behalf of your clients.

Ability To Control Client Accounts:

Elevate your efficiency and minimize redundancy. Design campaigns in your Mass Broadcaster account and effortlessly dispatch them via any connected client account. It's like having a centralized hub of creativity that branches out with precision.

Pick Campaigns From Your Own Account:

Stay ahead of the game, every single time. By scheduling your campaigns in advance with Mass Broadcaster, you can ensure your messages are delivered at just the right moment, captivating your audience and maximizing impact.

Schedule Campaigns In Advance:

Precision targeting is no longer a luxury—it's a given. With Mass Broadcaster, you can select specific groups or segments, ensuring that your campaigns resonate with relevance and purpose, resulting in higher engagement.

Precision Campaign Targeting:

Knowledge is power, and with Mass Broadcaster, you're always informed. Dive deep into the metrics, understand your campaign's performance, and continually optimize for even better results in the future.

Review Campaign Stats:

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