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Mailvio Case Studies

On this page, you can see how how businesses have leveraged Mailvio to turn their email marketing campaigns into a success engine. Here, we explore the journeys of various clients, highlighting how our features and support have enabled them to achieve and exceed their marketing and business goals.

Featured Case Study

With Email Segmentation & Tagging

Neil Napier is the face of KVSocial and can be considered a Micro-Influencer with around 10K followers. In terms of influencers a small following, but out-earning most other influencers with 100.000's of followers not using the power of Mailvio.

KVSocial effectively leverages Mailvio's email segmentation feature to categorize incoming buyers. Depending on their decision to purchase recommended upsells, automated emails are dispatched corresponding to the specific tags these leads acquire.


Through the strategic use of segment-based automations, KVSocial has increased their revenue to a healthy $14.442 USD per month on average in 2023 from email promotions alone. Remarkably, these automations operate entirely autonomously.

Used Automation and Email Creation of Mailvio

To optimize efficiency, John turned to Mailvio. He greatly appreciated Mailvio's automation feature, which allowed him to schedule his emails in advance. Furthermore, he capitalized on the intuitive email creation feature, using the powerful drag-and-drop editor to design engaging emails with ease.


John was able to connect with his audience 24/7, even when he was offline. Automating his emails also freed up his time to focus on creating quality content. His productivity increased, and his emails became more visually appealing and effective. Subsequently, his email engagement rate increased by 40%, contributing to a significant growth in his audience size.

Influencer Driven Campaigns For Know, Like & Trust

Content Gorilla, orchestrates bi-monthly email promotions employing webinars. The promotion cycle includes sending webinar registration emails, reminders, and replay notifications, all meticulously executed with Mailvio's support. Typically, these webinars are facilitated by renowned influencers and vendors, with emails serving as a pivotal tool to foster familiarity, trust, and, crucially, to augment the webinar attendance rate.


Through strategic email marketing, Content Gorilla has seen a commendable surge, averaging over $21,000 in supplementary monthly sales. Both Content Gorilla and their affiliate partners express satisfaction with the increased email open and click rates, which directly translate to added revenue.

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