The Mailvio Story

The story of Mailvio started as a module for one of our other companies called Kyvio is a platform that helps companies launch their products using (sales) funnels, membership sites, automations and much more.

At first Email Marketing was part of the Kyvio platform but the email module quickly grew to become one of the most popular features of Kyvio. For us to technically and operationally make sure the product was strong enough and ready to grow with the needs of our customers we decided to separate it as a new sister company with it's own team of experts and people focusing on Mailvio for the full 100% while still being able to leverage all the knowledge learned from the other, older, companies we run.

So in early 2021 Mailvio became it's own company with a focus on being radical transparent about your sender reputation. While other platforms keep you in the dark about in which IP sending pool you are, how your reputation looks to the outside world of Email Service Providers (ESP's) our system was, and still is, designed to inform you about your sender reputation and what to do to improve it every step of the way.

This helped our customers improve their email marketing massively, and consequently customers saw massive boost to their inboxing rates, open rates and click-through rates.

In 2023 we decided that we wanted to be even more intentional with Mailvio and double-down on how we believe the future of online business will look (see our vision below) and we released our unique RFM Tool and AutomationAI as part of our Email Marketing Suite for our customers to get better at segmentation based on your customers' behaviour and even further increase the results of their Email Marketing efforts. 

2024 will be the year we will further implement the true power of AI in combination with this behavioural segmentation and make this so easy to use that everybody can do it, out of the hands of the few and into the hands of the many.

The Vision

We are amidst a profound transformational revolution in both work and entrepreneurship:

The AI revolution.

In the coming years, we anticipate the emergence of the first unicorn businesses (billion-dollar valuation) operated by teams of fewer than four individuals.

As the allure of digital product businesses grows, more and more people will venture into this domain. However, they will soon realize that, while initiating such a business is getting easier each year, the odds of succeeding remain small.

Over the next decade, launching a digital business will become progressively easier and increasingly cost-effective. Consequently, markets will become saturated with new entrants. This saturation will make becoming profitable with your business harder.

To outpace the competition, businesses must adopt a structured, disciplined approach that places customers at the forefront, while leveraging AI for the bulk of the workload.

Mailvio leverages AI where we can while not losing the human-touch and helps you do the same with your email marketing. The currency of the new age is attention and having an Email List is a critical asset as it lets you command attention by email and segment your audience in groups based on behaviour to maximize that attention.

There is nothing more powerful in marketing than to just give your audience what they want.

Mailvio segmentation using our RFM tool and AutomationAI is how you do that.

Be Ready For The Future – Welcome to Mailvio!"

Mailvio’s Culture Affixes to you!

Mailvio is developed by a fully distributed team that works around the clock to help run your business. Our team members come from more than 15 countries including Finland, Netherlands, The USA, Macedonia, Ukraine, India, Nepal, Philippines, and Nigeria.

We preach flexible working and promote digital nomadism for all our team.

​Why Digital Nomadism?

Because ignorance and confirmation bias are the deceases of the modern world. And travel, more specifically, learning new cultures and it's people is the antidote and the cure.

As a company, we bootstrapped our way to early profits, and have continued to remain profitable through financial discipline and pivoting when needed, fueled by enthusiasm and coffee.

Most of our team members have been around long enough to see the company culture evolve and adapt over time and others have found new opportunities at higher positions elsewhere and some started their own thriving businesses.

We are a multi-cultural company with pride.

So what about this ‘AFFIX’? Sounds a bit weird :)


Mailvio the Email Marketing Platform for those who LOVE to Automate everything!


pillars that define us are based on the word AFFIX

AFFIX has two meanings - both valid in this case.

The first way to define AFFIX is to ATTACH. We attach ourselves to our goals, our ambitions, as well as the lives of others. We attach ourselves so we can create the BIGGEST possible impact and leave behind a legacy that lives far beyond our mortal days.

The second and perhaps apt definition of AFFIX represents CHANGE. See- an affix can be added BEFORE a word (un-conditional, un-inhibited) or added AFTER a word (beauty-full, friend-ship). In both cases, an AFFIX is an agent of change. It changes - both negatively and positively - the meaning and impact of the word it attaches to. It negates or amplifies the impact of these words.

Our own actions can also AFFIX onto those that are around us, and of course, on the quality of our lives.

With that said, let me show you what AFFIX represents…


Simply defined - “a substantial quantity of something”. But in our case, there is the intention behind this abundance. We don/t recommend collecting things like money, relationships, houses, cars, etc. to have them. Instead, we want to be in a position where we don’t need all of this - but just knowing that having these things available makes our lives better.

Abundant Mindset > Scarcity Mindset.


We are a family. There may be days where we annoy each other. Then there will be days when we feel like quitting. But like a real, loving family - we don’t wait on each other. We don’t let go. We attach ourselves. We are better together. And unlike our “real” families, these bonds are different. We have CHOSEN to become part of each others’ lives.


The first humans stayed in a cave; the next generations traveled far and wide- impacting themselves around the world. Freedom is the CHOICE & ability to do what you want when you want, Freedom stays meaningful if you also accept the consequences of your actions. The quickly growing trend of so-called (responsible) ‘Digital Nomadism’ (travel-working from anywhere in the world on your terms) is here to stay and closely resembles our definition of freedom. Even though political and bureaucratic systems at play make this problematic, we use our abundance, family and resolve to attain and enjoy this freedom.


Our lives are the sum of our actions. The impact is something we actively pursue to create. Impact on our lives. Impact on the lives of others around us. Impact, unlike legacy, is measurable (and it is still a more humble approach than say - seeing your name carved on the side of a building). The impact is what intrinsically moves us forward, and with Kyvio, you permit yourself to measure it and feel good about what you create.


This - is YOU. Listen - abundance, family, freedom, and impact are useless without YOU.

YOU are what brings it all together. But that’s not the X factor. See - you in “stasis” or stuck won’t get very far. And you’ll drag others down. So you - that CONTINUALLY IMPROVES…is what makes the world go around. Japanese call it kaizen, or “change for better”…which goes back to the second meaning of the word AFFIX - agents of change!

AFFIX yourself into your world - make it better.

Do you need help?


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