Feature Freaks AutomationAI!

Are our overview pages for each module under 'Tools' with the most important features not enough?

No worries!

We understand. When we shop around for software, we're a bit of a Feature Freak ourselves. Show me everything your software does in a nice overview already. I don't want to watch yet another long marketing video!

FeatureScreenshotMini Video
Set the main goal of your Automation 
It creates email sequences based on your current goals and needs
Set the tone of the email to match your own 
Tell the AI who you are and what tone you want to use for your emails
Help the AI understand the recipients to write better emails 
Easy email navigation & editing during generation 
Easily jump from email to email in the screen where emails are being written by the AI and edit them at will before saving them
AI email rewrite feature 
Have the AI rewrite any email with optional extra information
Normal AI mode 
Fast and Generic Mode
Premium AI mode 
Slower and detailed higher-quality mode
Built-in WYSIWYG email editor  
Allows you to edit email just after AI has generated those email sequences
Save as Automation 
Ability to directly save the generated email sequence as an automation in Mailvio's email marketing module
Save as .TXT file 
Export the generated email sequence to a text file
Custom Email delay 
Allow the AI to set a custom delay between the emails
Quantity of emails in your Sequencesn 
Address the reader correctly 
Option to use any of your set tags from the Email Marketing Module to address the recevier of the email